Retirement Planning in Southfield, MI: Keeping You in Mind

For many working adults, retirement is “the dream.” It is the first time in your life when you can do whatever you want whenever you want. You can travel without getting permission from a boss or fearing leaving behind a team. You finally have the time to give back to the community through volunteer work. You have an abundance of opportunities to be with the people you love. And you have a wealth of finances to get you through it all. 

Whether retirement is on the horizon or years away, Speir Financial wants to make sure that the steps you take today will allow your retirement to look the way you want, without letting financial concerns cloud your experience. Combining our education with a one-on-one consultation, our retirement planning services help you make informed, personalized plans for your retirement.

Retirement Planning Step One: Envision

Our first goal as your retirement planning advisor is to gain an understanding of the vision you have for your retirement. For some, that begins with the need to discover their vision themselves. We help you think through your goals for retirement life. Do you want to travel? Where will you live? Do you plan on moving to a retirement community or will you need to afford in-home care if health issues arise? We will also consider the assets you will probably have, and estimate what your net worth will be. 

While not all of these questions are fun and glamorous, the better you can picture where you want to be, the more information we have to develop a plan to get you there.

Retirement Planning Step Two: Plan

First, we help you dream. Then we help plan those dreams into reality. Combining our education, experience, and resources with our network of trusted service providers, we ensure you make the most informed, personalized decisions for your financial future. 

We consider the qualified retirement plans of 401K, 403B, SEP & IRA. With the help of these plans, we tell your finances where to go and how to grow, with the objective of creating a comfortable retirement income.  

We also discuss things like asset protection, estate planning, and when you should file for Social Security. Our goal is that once you retire, you won’t have to ask how you will afford it or why you are getting taxed so severely. We are here to encourage you to make active, informed retirement plans today to set yourself up for a stress-less tomorrow.

Retirement Planning Step Three: Execute

As you work towards protecting and building your wealth, you will be able to see how it positively affects your financial future, specifically your retirement income plans. There is a saying, “A plan is only as good as its execution.” Now that you have a map, it is time to take the steps. We can sit in our office income planning for your retirement every day. But if the plan is not executed before retirement age, things will not go as planned. 

The purpose of the plan is to show you the need to start preparing for your retirement now. Now is the time to contribute to your 401K, 403B, SEP or IRA. Now is the time to pay off debts. Now is the time to invest and build your assets.

Retirement Planning Step Four: Progress

Fortunately, retirement and income planning shows you the reward of each fiscally responsible action you take. This is a huge benefit as you defer your current income to remind you it is not done in vain. When your finances progress as you execute your retirement plan, you will be empowered to continue making good choices for your financial future. Through it all, Speir Financial will be here to answer your questions and advise you as unforeseen situations inevitably arise, always keeping your personal goals in mind. 

With Speir Financial as your retirement planning advisor, you are empowered to take steps toward the retirement dream.

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