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The best parts of life are those that money can’t buy, like spending time with family and friends in the communities we love. Unfortunately, when our finances are not in order, they tend to put a strain on our priceless moments. 

As a trusted Southeast Michigan financial services provider, Speir Financial seeks to help individuals and families alleviate the stresses finances can bring. The purpose of this is to create space for a wealth of priceless memories. Speir Financial provides a wide range of financial services that help their clients steward their finances toward a stress-free financial future.

Speir Financial offers a complete range financial services, including: 

  • Income Planning & Asset Protection
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Personal Estate Analysis and Planning
  • Qualified Plans: 401k, 403B, SEP & IRA.
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Management


James Speir, the personal financial advisor of Speir Financial, takes a comprehensive approach to financial services. It all starts with a thorough consultation with with the goal of learning about each client’s unique situation and goals. In return, he educates and informs them on financial strategies that will benefit them. With Speir Financial’s experience, knowledge, and guidance, clients develop personalized plans to protect their assets, grow their wealth, and secure their financial future.

Independent Financial Advisors Preparing You for the Unexpected 

Speir Financial groups their financial services into four categories: Investment Planning, Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning. Speir Financial teaches our clients to apply these four principles to their financial strategies. With all their bases covered, they will be prepared to tackle the predictable and unpredictable challenges and celebrations that life brings.

Investment Planning with Speir Financial Services

The goal of investment planning is to preserve and grow wealth. Speir Financial recognizes that clients hire a financial company to help protect and grow their wealth. With that understanding, Speir Financial takes a conservative approach toward investing. As a personal financial advisor, he guides clients away from risky investments and toward a diverse portfolio that will likely lead to growing wealth. With over 10 years of experience with the stock market and advising, Speir Financial understands how to avoid high volatility in the stock market and where to invest to better predict future cash flow. 

Low-risk investment planning leads to predictable rewards.

Retirement Planning with Speir Financial Services

Whether you will be working for many more decades or only have 10 years left, the financial steps you take today profoundly affect your finances in your retirement. With Speir Financial, you will look at your financial situations and any plans you have contributed to through your employer. With that information, any employer matches, and other financial investments, you will consider together additional plans you could open, the percentages you should contribute, and how to ensure your retirement plans will afford your retirement. With the retirement planning financial service, you will be able to predict when you can afford to retire, what your future income will be, when you can withdraw from Social Security, among many more key needs for retirement.

Retirement planning provides a well-earned life after decades of working.

Estate Planning with Speir Financial Services

You have spent a lifetime developing assets and building your estate. Speir Financial provides financial services that help you protect your legacy and determine where, how, and to whom it gets passed on. It is important to make sure that your wishes are documented so they are fulfilled when the time comes. Through comprehensive planning that involves understanding your needs and developing personalized solutions, Speir Financial helps you navigate the difficulty of leaving your estate to your family and beneficiaries.

Estate planning protects your wishes and provides financial well-being to your family and beneficiaries.

Contact Speir Financial today for a free introductory consultation to get started on your estate planning.

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