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The two primary thoughts that enter most people’s minds when they acquire wealth is how to keep their wealth and how to continue growing it. Speir Financial Services, LLC applies their experience and knowledge of wealth management to develop a comprehensive plan that grows clients’ wealth for a secure future. As a financial planner with over 10 years of experience, James Speir has provided professional wealth management for clients with a wide range of personal financial goals. 

Finding the right avenues to place your finances that avoid high taxation and high volatility in the market can become overwhelming and may start mirroring a second full-time job. That’s why Speir Financial wants to help. Informed by his education, experience and numerous financial partnerships, he applies his financial prowess, with the goal of preserving your wealth, to your financial consultations in Southfield, Michigan. Together, we will develop personalized financial plans that will put you on the path to a secure financial future. 

Whether retirement is on the horizon or years away, Speir Financial wants to make sure that the steps you take today will allow your retirement to look the way you want, without letting financial concerns cloud your experience. Combining our education with a one-on-one consultation, our retirement planning services help you make informed, personalized plans for your retirement.

A Personalized Approach to Financial Planning

Providing wealth management with no strings attached. 

Speir Financial understands that when people go to a financial consultant, they often wonder whether the planner is here to help or to meet a quota. Because of that, when he started Speir Financial, his top priority was to make a wealth management firm that was fully independent. This means that he is not tied to any sales quotas, financial products, etc. that sneak into consultations with other firms. As a licensed fiduciary, James Speir  provides high quality service with no strings attached. He studies each client’s personal situation and develops a comprehensive plan that helps them achieve their financial goals. 

Leveraging today’s wealth for tomorrow’s lifestyle

Whether retirement is a distant dream or just around the corner, our goal is to help you ensure that today’s wealth can provide a comfortable lifestyle once you hang up your coat. It would feel counterintuitive to come into an office looking to protect and grow your wealth and instead be asked to spend it for a sales quota. Instead, we rely on our network of trusted service providers and a wealth of resources to offer the best options for your situation.

What is your net-worth?

Your financial plan begins with having a full understanding of the wealth you have already acquired. While our wealth management consultation includes plans to grow your wealth, we also want to include plans for asset protection. 

What financial plans have you already made?

We will also look at what you already have in place for your retirement. Will you have a pension when you retire? Are you and/or your employer contributing to a 401(k), 403B, or IRA? Are you looking to withdraw social security soon?

Whether you have a solid fund invested for your future, are just beginning, or haven’t started at all, we will consider the best options for your current situation. 

Where do you want to go?

As we set up plans for your future retirement, we tap into the vision you have for yourself. We weigh the pros and cons of receiving annuities, versus relying on the state of the market with other retirement plans. We consider the potential need for long term care, how not to outlive your assets, and how to leave wealth to your loved ones. A properly informed wealth management consultant interested in providing quality services will discuss your concerns, your dreams, and everything in between to ensure you are making the best decisions for your financial future.

Let’s Discuss Your Goals

In order to serve you best, we need to understand your story and where you want to go. It begins with a conversation that allows us to gain a better understanding of your needs, assets, goals, patterns, and concerns as we plan for your future. This conversation not only teaches us about you, it builds your financial literacy so that together we can make informed decisions for your financial plans.

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