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The purpose of financial planning is to make sure that you are not left wondering what happened to all your wealth when the time comes to enjoy it. Financial planning helps clients see the future they want, then guides them toward the steps to make it happen. Speir Financial is confident that when their clients take the outlined steps in their financial plans, they have a high chance of having the life and leaving the legacy they want.


Mitigating Risks, Protecting Wealth

Much like our approach to financial planning, Speir Financial takes the low-risk approach toward plans for your family. When investment planning and managing your wealth, Speir uses a wealth of knowledge, expertise, as well as a trusted network of partners, to develop a plan to preserve and grow your wealth.


Unforeseen circumstances, like accidents and premature death can put your family’s finances at risk. Through insurance planning and estate planning, you can decrease these financial risks that could accompany the already unconscionable occurring.

Insurance Planning: The Right Coverage at the Right Price

Through a carefully curated network of over 25 trusted insurance carriers, our independent insurance advisors can help you obtain the insurance you need. Just like our personalized wealth management approach, Speir Financial’s insurance planning helps you evaluate your risk level and determine which life insurance policy is right for you and your family. We don’t want you to overpay for insurance you don’t need, but we also want to make sure that your family is prepared in the case of the unexpected. We look for that sweet spot of the right cost with the right coverage.

Estate Planning: Control, Conversations, Changes

The estate planning process is all about ensuring that your legacy is dealt with according to your wishes. Speir Financial helps clients control what happens to their wealth after death, guides them in difficult conversations with family and friends before their death, and assists in any changes that may arise.


Without documenting your wishes for the estate you spent a lifetime growing, your finances are at risk of being left to the wrong people. Through our consultations, Speir Financial informs clients of the many options that can help them establish where their finances go after their death. Speir Financial provides resources to clients interested in developing personal, wills, trusts, and PPOA’s.


The consultations around estate planning begin at a relatively young age. They help clients plan for circumstances we hope never happen. As clients age, their finances grow, and their family dynamics change, they often need help altering their wishes that they originally placed in a will twenty years ago. Speir Financial ensures that as clients’ lives change, they can make the necessary amendments to their estate plans.


Especially in the case of minor children, difficult conversations arise with estate planning. You need to inform (and ensure their consent) who you have chosen to be the guardians of your children should something happen before they are fully grown. You also should talk to your heirs about your wishes about your estate, the decrees you have put in your will, and the trusts you have established. Our advisors help you prepare for and navigate these conversations so that you can enter them with peace of mind.


With Speir Financial, you can be confident your financial future is in good hands. To learn more about our services or to speak with a representative, please contact us at (248) 423-2700.

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