Did you attain your 2016 financial goals when you set them in motion as your New Year’s resolution at the end of last year? If not, why not? What happened? Did you start well but lost focus or interest? Did you accomplish some but not others? Or simply, did living life just get in the way? You don’t necessarily have to go at it alone.

If you have financial goals that you want to accomplish in 2017, for example; create a budget, reduce debt, create an emergency fund, save more for retirement or align your investments based on your risk tolerance and time horizon or all of the above. You may want to incorporate them all into your 2017 Financial Plan, however there are a few things you can do to make your plan a success.

  1. Identify short term and long term goals for the year. You may have many but narrow it down to what is most important to you for the year.
  2. Meet with a financial professional that can assist you in creating a plan that incorporates your short and long term goals. They can also help in setting realistically obtainable goals for the short term or long term. This increases your success and feeling of accomplishment. Many folks get discouraged and then discard their goals.
  3. Set target dates for goals and have scheduled meetings and/or phone conferences with your financial professional to review your progress. This is an opportunity to celebrate success and to modify the plan if need be.

Many people hire personal trainers to create a workout routine that helps them become physically fit and/or lose weight. The trainer also instructs them on the activities that will assist them to reach their desired goals. The key here is that you’re not going to the gym alone where it can be intimidating. You are with the trainer. There will come a day that you will need the trainer’s guidance less because you have the routine down.

How is your financial future any different? It isn’t. Putting your financial plan to paper and working side by side with someone increases accountability, helps maintains focus and keeps you connected to someone who cares about your financial future. Improve your chances for success. You do not have to do it alone.

We offer a complimentary consultation that can be the first step in identifying your goals and making a plan to accomplish them. Give us a call.

By: James J. Speir
Financial Advisor

Speir Financial Services, LLC